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Zoznamujeme Vás už 11 rokov Príďte aj Vy na jedno z našich príjemných stretnutí. Prečo práve Hello love? Najbližšie akcie. Vzdelávacie semináre. Zoznamovacie akcie. Posterboard Agenda. február feb There are no upcoming events to display at this time. Speed dating a zoznamovacie eventy Zobraziť viac. Rozvojový matchmaking Zobraziť viac. Darčekové poukážky Zobraziť viac. Čo sa o nás hovorí? Držím Vám palce, odvádzate dobrú prácu 🙂 Katarína, 34, asistentka.

Pozitívne hodnotím veľký počet účastníkov 😉 Jana, 44, fyzioterapeutka. Juraj, 32, IT technik.

Iveta, 45, marketing. Michal, 34, podnikateľ. Dobrý večer, večer hodnotím veľmi pozitívne, prostredie ako i spoločnosť, nemám čo vytknúť 🙂 Matej, 29, programátor. Ivana, 29, účtovníčka. Sledujte novinky z nášho blogu Ako sa vyrovnať so stratou v partnerstv…. Ako sa vyrovnať so stratou v partnerstve? A čo láska v čase pandémie? Along with the poet Imadaddin Nasimi , Khatā'ī is considered to be among the first proponents of using a simpler Azerbaijani language in verse that would appeal to a broader audience.

His work is most popular in Azerbaijan, as well as among the Bektashis of Turkey. There is a large body of Alevi and Bektashi poetry that has been attributed to him. The major impact of his religious writings, in the long run, was the conversion of Persia from Sunni to Shia Islam.

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The following anecdote demonstrates the status of vernacular Turkish and Persian in the Ottoman Empire and in the incipient Safavid state. Khatā'ī sent a poem in Turkish to the Ottoman Sultan Selim I before going to war in In a reply the Ottoman Sultan answered in Persian to indicate his contempt. Examples of his poems are: [66] [67]. Today I have come to the world as a Master.

Know truly that I am Haydar's son. I am Fereydun , Khosrow , Jamshid , and Zahak. I am Zal 's son Rostam and Alexander.

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The mystery of I am the truth is hidden in this my heart. I am the Absolute Truth and what I say is Truth.

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I belong to the religion of the "Adherent of the Ali" and on the Shah's path I am a guide to every one who says: "I am a Muslim. I am the signet-ring on Sulayman 's finger. Muhammad is made of light, Ali of Mystery. I am a pearl in the sea of Absolute Reality. I am Khatai, the Shah's slave full of shortcomings. At thy gate I am the smallest and the last [servant].

My name is Shāh Ismā'īl. I am God's mystery. I am the leader of all these ghāzīs. My mother is Fātima, my father is 'Ali; and eke I am the Pīr of the Twelve Imāms. I have recovered my father's blood from Yazīd. Be sure that I am of Haydarian essence. I am the living Khidr and Jesus, son of Mary. I am the Alexander of my contemporaries.

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Look you, Yazīd, polytheist and the adept of the Accursed one, I am free from the Ka'ba of hypocrites. In me is Prophethood and the mystery of Holiness.

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I follow the path of Muhammad Mustafā. I have conquered the world at the point of my sword. I am the Qanbar of Murtaza 'Ali.

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My sire is Safī, my father Haydar. Truly I am the Ja'far of the audacious.

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I am a Husaynid and have curses for Yazīd. I am Khatā'ī, a servant of the Shāh's. i hope in the holy divan of truth, you will remember me they call you generous, valiant oh' impeccable leader the light of all is Muhammed, valiant thou' Ali valiant i could not find anyone in this lone world who is like you let me see your moon-faced effigy, so i will not stay in desire all your servants who call your name will not be devoided in the hereafter the light of all is Muhammed, valiant thou' Ali valiant forgive this sinner, i lead my face to your holy dergah my soul stayed in blasphemy, thou' will not insist on my sin i soughed shelter and came to this revealed refuge the light of all is Muhammed, valiant thou' Ali valiant Hata-i says: "thou' Ali, my body is filled up with sins".

the light of all is Muhammed, valiant thou' Ali valiant [68]. From Pir Sultan Abdal : He makes a march against Urum The Imam of Ali's descent is coming I bow down and kissed his Hand The Imam of Ali's descent is coming He fills the cups step by step In his stable only noble Arab horses His ancestry, he is the son of the Shah The Imam of Ali's descent is coming The fields are marked step by step His rival makes his heart aching Red-green is the young warrior dressed The Imam of Ali's descent is coming He lets him seen often on the field No one knows the secret of the saviour Shah of the world goodman Haydar's grandson The Imam of Ali's descent is coming Pir Sultan Abdal, I am, if i could see this Submit my self, if I could wipe my face at him From ere he is the leader of the 12 Imams The Imam of Ali's descent is coming.

An important feature of the Safavid society was the alliance that emerged between the ulama the religious class and the merchant community. The latter included merchants trading in the bazaars, the trade and artisan guilds asnaf and members of the quasi-religious organizations run by dervishes futuvva. Because of the relative insecurity of property ownership in Persia, many private landowners secured their lands by donating them to the clergy as so-called vaqf.

They would thus retain the official ownership and secure their land from being confiscated by royal commissioners or local governors, as long as a percentage of the revenues from the land went to the ulama. Increasingly, members of the religious class, particularly the mujtahids and the seyyeds , gained full ownership of these lands, and, according to contemporary historian Iskandar Munshi , Persia started to witness the emergence of a new and significant group of landowners.

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Ismail was described by contemporaries as having a regal appearance, gentlemanly in quality and youthfulness. He also had a fair complexion and red hair. This Sophi is fair, handsome, and very pleasing; not very tall, but of a light and well-framed figure; rather stout than slight, with broad shoulders. His hair is reddish; he only wears moustachios, and uses his left hand instead of his right. He is as brave as a game cock, and stronger than any of his lords; in the archery contests, out of the ten apples that are knocked down, he knocks down seven.

Ismail's greatest legacy was establishing an empire which lasted over years. As Alexander Mikaberidze states, "The Safavid dynasty would rule for two more centuries [after Ismail's death] and establish the basis for the modern-nation state of Iran. In the Safavid period, the famous Azeri folk romance Shah Ismail emerged.

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But it is also possible that it is dedicated to Ismail II. Shah Ismayil is the name of an Azerbaijani mugham opera in 6 acts and 7 scenes composed by Muslim Magomayev , [75] in Shah Ismail Order the highest Azerbaijani military award presented by the Commander-in-chief and President of Azerbaijan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Shah of Persia. For the Sultan of Granada, see Ismail I of Granada. Shahanshah of Iran. See list. Sheikh Safi Shrine Ensemble , Ardabil , Iran. See also: Safavid dynasty and Safavid dynasty family tree. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Ancestors of Ismail I Sheikh Ali Safavi 8.

Sheikh Ibrahim Safavi 4. Sheikh Junāyd Safavi 2.