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kociska gmail. Karolína Fabianová marketing and social media marketing mladiinfo. Erasmus internship with us info mladiinfo. Mladiinfo Slovakia is a non-profit organisation located in Bratislava. It was founded in by enthusiastic young people with international experience driven by a powerful vision to positively influence young people in Slovakia. As a part of a global Mladiinfo Network, our goal is to promote international non-formal education, volunteering opportunities, and youth mobility opportunities. Mladiinfo Slovakia supports and empower young people with providing them information about various self-development opportunities like international exchanges, trainings, workshops, volunteering and other opportunities abroad and in Slovakia.

We are not only informing youth about new opportunities but we also provide them our own projects, campaigns, training and volunteering activities. We are an active European Solidarity Corps hosting and coordination organization. With more than volunteers sent for projects abroad, Mladiinfo Slovakia is one of the most active ESC sending organisation in Slovakia. We believe in the power of volunteering and its benefits for the individuals and the sustainable development of the society.

We aim to make young people feel as responsible citizens of this world. floor, nr. sk   LinkedIn. Facebook Instagram. Facebook Mladiinfo Slovensko Mladiinfo Slovensko — skupina Mladiinfo PONUKY Dobrovoľníctvo v zahraničí — aktuálne ponuky Mladiinfo Dolný Kubín Mladiinfo Ružomberok Mladiinfo Rožňava. png Mladiinfo Slovensko Mladiinfo Dolný Kubín Mladiinfo Ružomberok.

Member of European network Mladiinfo Youth Council of Slovakia Eurodesk Slovensko Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organizations. The reason for its establishment was the national and international expansion of extremist expressions and the security situation not only in the European but in the global area. In connection with the investigation of organized groups and criminal groups, Anti-crime Unit of NAKA in the year filed a bill of indictment against 52 persons for the 79 crimes they committed as members of the organized group.

For this reason, it can be concluded that 8 organized groups were destroyed after finishing the investigation.

NAKA – National criminal agency Slovakia

For the offense of setting up, representing and supporting a criminal groupin , NAKA filed a bill indictment against 9 persons, out of which 8 were from a well-known criminal group and 1 person from the criminal group M. Š- On top of that Financial Unit documented 6 criminal groups and 33 organized groups in Slovakia and destroyed 1 criminal group and 12 organized groups. Sustainability is conditioned upon the presence of various forms of criminal activities, especially the most serious types connected with organized crime, terrorism extremism, and radicalization.

The factor which influences it as well are the results of this office in terms of investigating the most serious forms of crimes. Another factor which influences sustainability of National Criminal Agency is the Management, Support and Trust of the Government of the Slovak Republic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, Economic Support, Personnel Substrate, Material-Technical Substrate, Education and Further Education of NAKA members. MINDb4ACT Cluster of Policy Briefs. MINDb4ACT: Critical Technologies and Social Innovation Schemes Report.

Teaching anti-terrorism: how France and England use schools to counter radicalisation. Capitol riots: Ashli Babbitt and the far-right radicalisation of women. Nothing like the mafia. Curricula - Knowledge - Navigation. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers.

Home Practices NAKA — NATIONAL CRIMINAL AGENCY SLOVAKIA. NAKA — National criminal agency Slovakia  Slovakia  Start Date: 1st January Share on.

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sk  Dajana Dimitrieska koordinátorka pre vysielanie dobrovoľníkov do zahraničia dimitrieska. Following the professional profile, the Department of International Cooperation is currently representing the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic in international working groups, participates in the main policies and strategies of international organizations, provides professional cooperation with partner services within international networks. eu Terézia Paňková koordinátorka hosťovaných dobrovoľníkov v Bratislavskom kraji terezia. It was founded in by enthusiastic young people with international experience driven by a powerful vision to positively influence young people in Slovakia. Vaša správa.

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NAKA – National criminal agency Slovakia. Slovakia; Start Date: 1st January Share on Národná kriminálna agentúra. Accessed Spetember 5, Ivana Petrisková projektová koordinátorka / kontakt pre partnerské org. (kontakt cez WhatsApp, dlhodobo mimo EÚ) | ivana@

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